I am not lost, you are not forgotten

One of my very first poems, penned some two and a half years ago. It will feature in my forthcoming anthology

‘ Trinity ‘.



I am not lost, you are not forgotten



I will be going, not away, but over

the far horizon of my experiences,

lightly sketched,

by unseen busy hands,

hearts and minds.



Content, at peace, in one

whole place,

but connected well,

to your sources,

I trust you are there, now,

perfectly in tune.



Today, settling or shifting mists

mingle and leaves fall

in perfect array,

only stirred as my boots

mark the trail

to our cherished happy rest.



Before the hearth

of all our tomorrows

our hearts raise,

pass over thresholds

of newly budded familiarities,

caressing wells, of abundant bliss.

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