Storm Petrel Home

Vueltas, La Gomera, Canaria

Storm Petrel Home



We recline here and on the sofa.

Close with our quietness,

surprise, contentedness.



Out, below and above sun,

energy, light, ozone, salt.

Warmed stone,

upright, sheer cliff.

Face caressed by eager waves.

Seeking, not wanting,

unhurried softness.



Our purity of intention,

only this this now,

is what we will have,

in abundance.

To bring us each our sacred,

gift, space, time.



Receive, my resting,

hand bringing it from wave top,

to fingers, to heart.

But first, the storm petrel swoops.



Excited calls, chatter

carries up the best

of the very top of the wave.

The very best,

in my gentle intent to play,

funnily, originally, lovingly.



Today’s elemental crest peak

wildness, moves us,

sideways, along, briskly.


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