The meeting and reading place

Dream 08/03/18

The meeting and reading place

I was wondering some streets. Perhaps I was looking for somewhere to sit down, or for something more specific.

I found I was in a meeting place, a church, or library. But it did not have that open feeling of those public spaces. Why maybe a church? Well, early in my explore there was a room with a sign on the door, like
‘Priest’s vestments, changing room’ … it had that meaning, I cannot recall the exact wording.

I got ncreasingly lost amongst the labrythine rooms, interconnected by hatchways, book lined corridors, alcoves and reading rooms. Yet I was not too alarmed.

Only the feeling, I may have left something important I came in with, camera? I would stumble into a room – people deep in conversation, yet they seemed friendly enough.

Eventually found myself back to what looked to be an entrance hall, with a door to the street – but which street, the way I came in? A guardian, steward, caretaker stood waiting. He was tall. He was ready to help, smartly dressed. So I simply said,
‘ I am not sure what way I got in, but I think I need to go out, walk around your building and then retrace my steps, to find what I may have set down that is important to me. ‘

Image: K. Kühn


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