The Villains We Keep

A Writer's Soul

It is said that heroes never die;
Always remembered in the legends they unleashed upon the world.
But these legends are one side of the story,
And the warning reads, “These are fictional events, not intended to be taken as fact,”
Yet, she reads the stories as though they were history,
Written in the riddles of wise old men and daring heroines.
The fairy tales cloud her mind with hope and adventure,
Blinding her to the dangers of the world she fell into.
(But stories always hold a lesson of truth somewhere in between the pages.)

So she waits for her own hero,
For the heart that will heal her broken love.
But she has waited too long, and since grown disdainful towards these heroes.
So she begins finds solace in their villain’s motives,
And she could never understand why the hero gets the girl.
The hero never challenges her…

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