the relationship

Gifts, of taste, sweetness, refreshment and surprise.

Offerings, vistas, valleys, sunset and sunrise and many companions, to share such wonder.


Bearers of life and decay, insect helpers, fungi, bacteria, rooted reaching networks.

Givers of shelter, sanctuary and blessed night.


A teacher; to learn, forceful, at times harsh, gentle and gradual lessons, but seldom forgot.

Birth canal, of more mothers, priestesses, chroniclers, warriors, gardeners and children of the one tribe.


Source and webbed receptacle of all her spirits, in whatever form

and resting place of all loved ones. With you, Earths, rocks, flows, skies, depths, animals.


Inspiration and muse granted your humble portrayer, and oft blessed writer of tender letters.

Give thanks, service, great love, with all she has given. The day is risen, and in this present, your precious time, rise!

© Jonathan O’Farrell

October 2016

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